The Dancer's Promise

Olivia Horrox

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Olivia Horrox
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Brilliant... I loved the characters Grace and Clementine a true story of sisterly love and support in such difficult times... Truly memorable read... touching and inspiring! —Reader review, 5 stars.

What a treat!... I found the time sped by and I was lost in another time and place! —Reader review, 5 stars.

Since their fathers death, Grace and Clementine have been struggling to get their mother to leave her bedroom. With the house needing vital repairs and almost crumbling around them, the sisters seem to be raising themselves. Grace, spends her days working at the local library and Clementine is keen for a ballet career on the grandest of stages. In that moment they both make a promise: to one day restore their fortunes and family name. However, will this promise prove too costly for the sisters when it comes to choosing their family over true love?

Author of The Dancer's Promise, Olivia Horrox, studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, and wrote her dissertation on post-WW1 societal changes in The Great Gatsby, which has inspired her own writing. She lives in London with her husband and a very cantankerous cat called Coco. Beautiful Little Fools was Olivia’s debut historical fiction novel, which published in September 2022. The Dancer's Promise is her second novel.

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