The Tobacconist’s Wife

AnneMarie Brear

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AnneMarie Brear
LUME Books



From the bestselling author of The SlumAngel.

Set in Victorian Yorkshire, TheTobacconist’s Wife centers around the struggles facing two characters: TheaGoodson and Adam Fitzwillian. Throughout the novel, both strive to challenge traditional conventions of the society despite their differing social classes. 

Forced into marriage after the death of her father, Thea finds herself maintaining false pretenses when it comes to her husband, Ernie Goodson. Not afraid to violently assert his power over her,Ernie has Thea trapped within the confines of their domestic lives.

A well-educated man of high society such asAdam appears at first glance to be unaware of the struggles of a Victorian woman such as Thea. Under the constant control of his established mother and father,Adam believes similarly that there is no escape. Yet as his life and Thea’s collide, everything is not as it first seems. Undertones of secrecy threaten to undermine the very agencies that manipulate them.

Throughout the production process and typesetting of The Tobacconist’s Wife, Atomik ePublisher and Atomik eSylist ensured that the Easypress production team were able to thoroughly enjoy working on this novel. Atomik eSylist saw the manuscript styling process completed within ten minutes and Atomik ePublisher assist in the standard composition of a proof in under two days. With a standard ingest and styling process The Tobacconists Wife complimented all aspects of software created by Easypress perfectly. 

Both I and my fellow colleagues who assisted on the production of The Tobacconist’s Wife thoroughly enjoyed working on this title and in collaboration with LUME Books, as always.

Rebecca Elpick