The future of digital publishing

We understand that the publishing industry faces many challenges, including digital disruption, greater market competition and changing consumer behaviour. In order to thrive, publishers need to have the right technology.

Whether you publish books, magazines, journals, financial reports or other corporate communication documents, Atomik ePublisher is the digital platform you need. Let us help you succeed in the ever-changing world of publishing.


Atomik ePublisher
by Easypress

Atomik ePublisher from Easypress is a server-based publishing platform for the production of print books and eBooks.

Our software allows for truly collaborative working. Editors, typesetters and production teams can now create, edit and approve books securely through a web browser.

Our solution can also be used for the drafting, management and publication of numerous important corporate documents, such as annual reports, sustainability reports, independent auditor reports, business plans, sales proposals and marketing brochures.

Fast Benefit of ePublisher


Create eBooks in minutes,
not in days or weeks

75% Less cost as a Benefit of ePublisher

75% cheaper

Up to 75% cheaper than your existing publishing services provider

Fast Benefit of ePublisher

100% accurate

Document version control
ensures accuracy

Simple to use benefit of ePublisher

Simple to use

Simple drag and drop functionality

Increase Revenue -  Benefit of ePublisher

Increased revenue

Increase revenue by saving time and money on production

Fully Compliant - Benefit of ePublisher

Fully compliant

In-built accessibility and
compliant with IDPF EPUB standards

Streamline Production - Benefit of ePublisher

Streamlined production

Turn Word files into PDFs and eBooks
using existing styles

Accessibility - Benefit of ePublisher


Update content anywhere with
an internet connection

Take Control - Benefit of ePublisher


Your workflow is in your hands


Atomik ePublisher:

  • Word files can be uploaded one at a time or using our bulk uploader.
  • Convert Word documents to InDesign files in seconds using our Ingest Wizard.


Atomik ePublisher:

Atomik ePublisher provides editors with a convenient browser-based way to view, edit and print Adobe InDesign files remotely. Creative professionals can collaborate on the same document, even if they are working in different countries.

Users retain control of the document style, format and layout. Moreover, our file management system allows clients to refer back to previous documents, compare changes and revert back to an earlier version if necessary.


Atomik ePublisher:

Using our server-based typesetting tools, Atomik ePublisher allows you to produce print-ready PDFs, ePubs, and XML files from a single Word manuscript.

Automatic eBook Conversion

Simply convert your Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word files to an eBook. Regain control of your content and drive new revenue streams by creating digital books the easy way. We provide reflowable and fixed layout formats, as well as custom, complex ePub conversion.

XML Output

Atomik ePublisher XML conversion allows you to produce multiple print and digital formats from Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress and Microsoft Word files. Furthermore, there are multiple XML outputs available, including Prism, DITA, Scorm, DocBook5, RNS, XHTML, Web, ePub or CMS.

Autoset InDesign Documents

The Autoset Wizard is a typesetting tool available on Atomik ePublisher. It reduces costs by automatically arranging the text on the page for a great reading experience. Distracting widows and orphans are removed, unsightly short pages are fixed, and the required extent is met - all within a couple of minutes. Furthermore, the Autoset Wizard can be configured to meet your specific needs.

Print-Ready PDF Creation

Bring together all the components of your book, in whatever order you wish, to create a print-ready PDF for distribution.

Easypress Service

Let Easypress Do the Work

You can simply send us the manuscript. We provide:

  • Manuscript styling
  • Proofreading
  • Typesetting
  • A print-ready PDF
  • Digital conversion to XML, ePub 3, mobi, fixed layout and more
  • A full repository of content with version control
  • The production platform, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week

From £75 / title for print-ready PDF


An Application- Agnostic Solution

No matter which design software you prefer, we can help you – Atomik ePublisher supports both Quark and Adobe technology. Our tools effortlessly translate the static layout and content present in QuarkXPress and InDesign documents into a language (XML) that most enterprise Content Management Systems (CMS) understand. The conversion from a print file to a digital document and vice versa has never been easier.

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