The future of digital publishing

Whether you publish books, magazines, journals, financial reports or other corporate communication documents – we can provide you with the right technology to overcome the challenges you face in the ever-changing world of digital publishing.

We understand that publishers' traditional business is declining as a result of the backlist conversion wave coming to an end, and profitability is even more challenged due to the demands of balancing human resources with the variable market demand. In order to thrive, publishers need to have the right software tools in place to function as a truly digital business.


Atomik ePublisher
by Easypress

Atomik ePublisher from Easypress is a workflow and collaborative system for the production of print, digital and eBooks.

This dynamic, cloud based print and digital solution allows editors, typesetters and production to access, view, edit, proof, suggest changes and approve books securely through a web browser.

Our solution can also be used for the drafting, management and publication of numerous important corporate documents, such as annual reports, sustainability reports, independent auditor reports, business plans, sales proposals and marketing brochures.

Fast Benefit of ePublisher


Create, validate and proof eBooks in minutes, rather than days or weeks

75% Less cost as a Benefit of ePublisher

75% Less Cost

Up to 75% cheaper than your existing traditional Publishing Services vendors

Fast Benefit of ePublisher

Quality 100% Accurate!

Online proofing and copy editing with 100% accuracy

Simple to use benefit of ePublisher

Simple to Use

Simple drag and drop functionality

Increase Revenue -  Benefit of ePublisher

Increases Revenue

Bring backlist content quickly into your print and eBook market

Fully Compliant - Benefit of ePublisher

Fully Compliant

Compliant with IDPF EPUB standards with Accessibility built in

Streamline Production - Benefit of ePublisher

Streamline Production

Turn InDesign or Quark files into eBook using existing styles

Accessibility - Benefit of ePublisher


Update content anywhere, anytime with just a web browser and internet connection.

Take Control - Benefit of ePublisher

Take Control

Your ‘Print & Digital’ strategy is in your hands


Atomik ePublisher
Input Module

  • InDesign or Quark files can be uploaded either one at a time or using a bulk uploader
  • Word files can be uploaded through the Word ingestion wizard. They automatically flow into InDesign templates to create fully styled InDesign files ready for edit and also multiple output options


Atomik ePublisher
Edit Module

Atomik ePublisher – EDIT is a secure online collaborative document and workflow management system based around Adobe InDesign Server - platformed on the Alfresco CMS/DMS Enterprise product.

It uniquely provides remote editors with a powerful, convenient browser-based way to view, edit and print entire QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign documents remotely from their own computer, ensuring that constantly changing information is accurate, even if they are in multiple locations or different countries.

Document designers benefit from auto-versioning and file management and can continue to work with the document in the latest version of Adobe InDesign (CC20XX). Importantly designers retain control of the document style, format and layout throughout.


Atomik ePublisher
Output Module

The Easypress Atomik ePublisher Output module provides solutions which will meet all your output needs, be it re-galleying, eBook creation or XML Output. It can typeset or autoset your layouts, create print ready pdfs, rapidly create eBooks and deliver an XML output.

Automatic eBook Creation

Simply convert your Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word files to eBooks, regaining control of your content and drive new revenue streams. This simple to use, cloud-based tool can help you mine backlist content or integrate into front list production to quickly bring new content to market.

XML Output

The Atomik ePublisher XML output solution allows you to produce multiple print and digital formats from Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress and Microsoft Word files. . This simple to use, cloud based software can produce multiple delivery formats including eBooks, Websites Digital outputs such as XML, Prism, DITA, Scorm, DocBook5, RNS, PDF, XHTML, Web, ePub or CMS as well as multiple print book formats.

Autoset InDesign book layouts

The Atomik ePublisher Autoset wizard is an easy to use, browser-based typesetting tool. It reduces typesetting costs by automatically auto-setting Adobe InDesign book layouts. Using our own clever algorithms, it will analyse your layout, remove distracting widows and orphans, remove unsightly short last pages and meet your required extent - all within a couple of minutes. You have complete control over what you want it to do and the parameters within which it should work.

Print-ready PDF Creation

Bring together all the components of your book in whatever order you wish to create the print-ready PDF for distribution.

Easypress Service

Let Easypress Do the Work

Using our own software you can simply send us the manuscript and we will:

  • Prepare the manuscript for proofing
  • Layout the manuscript for 1st Proof
  • Provide proofreading to CIEP standards
  • Typeset the print book to print-ready PDF
  • Autoset the eBook to EPUB Standards
  • Provide a full repository for content with version control
  • Provide the production platform 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

From £75 / title for Print-Ready PDF


An Application- Agnostic Solution

No matter which design software you prefer, Atomik ePublisher supports both Quark and Adobe technologies. Atomik ePublisher not only translates the static layout and content present in QuarkXPress and InDesign documents into a language (XML) that most enterprise Content Management Systems (CMS) understand, but also makes the conversion from a web document to a print document and a print document to a web document effortless and efficient.

The system disconnects layout and content from the output medium and enables users to become detached from specific applications on the input side. We have found the result to be a much more efficient and faster publishing workflow, with benefits both to the suppliers of the content and the publisher.

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