“Our digital publishing platform streamlines the journey from manuscript to published book. Whether you have the print, digital or audiobook consumer in mind, the production process has never been easier."

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Digital Book Publishing

Since Amazon released the Kindle in 2008, marking the first real breakthrough in eBook sales, revenue has continued to grow. According to industry tracker Nielsen BookData, 72 million eBooks were sold in the UK in 2022 alone. Digital books now make up a substantial portion of sales for publishers worldwide, regardless of the genre they produce. Although print books still outsell eBooks, nearly every publisher has implemented their own digital publishing process to service that growing demand.

Digital Publishing Services

What is Digital Book Publishing at Easypress?

More than a decade ago, when Easypress set out to develop the first “no touch” eBook production process, we recognised that the very best eBooks were produced by extracting the layout elements from the print format using XML conversion.

In 2017, Easypress developed its digital publishing platform further, allowing the user to quickly and easily create both a print-ready PDF and eBook from a single Word document. We automate many of the steps carried out by traditional onshore and offshore publishing service providers – meaning we can deliver files in a much shorter space of time for a fraction of the cost.

Today, Easypress is working on providing audio production to complete our digital publishing platform. We believe that the journey from manuscript to physical book, eBook or audiobook should be seamless. One manuscript, many diverse outputs, one delivery platform.

The Benefits of Adopting a Digital Book Publishing Strategy

  • Big reduction in cost per page
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Increased control over production
  • Software does the heavy lifting
  • Remote working benefits
  • Easier to undertake last-minute changes
  • Consistent quality of output
  • Document version history
  • Reduced management time

Easypress’ Digital Publishing Strategy

In the ever-evolving world of publishing, choosing the right digital publishing platform is crucial. So come and talk to Easypress. Adopting our software can save you time and money, whilst keeping you in control of your workflows.

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