“Digital Book Publishing is the ability to streamline Authored content from the Concept to Published Book, regardless of whether it is for the Print, Digital, or Audio Consumer”

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Digital Book Publishing

In 2019 sources estimate 336m eBooks were sold in the United States from more than 450 book publishers. Amazon reported that eBook sales represented 18% of 1.8bn books sold In the United States in 2019. Since the early days of digital eBooks in 2008, eBook sales have risen to be a significant proportion of total book revenues for nearly all publishers in the USA, regardless of the genre of books they produce. Although the numbers and revenues are smaller for the rest of the global publishing markets, nearly every publisher has implemented their own eBook publishing process to service that growing market.

If there was ever an example of the renaissance in book reading the past 12 months of the global pandemic is proof that the desire to be told a story in print, eBook or audio has not gone away. For the publishing sector the markets for 2020 will should a significant increase in sales of every type of book. In relative terms, for the Publishing industry it has, against the background of global personal sadness, been a good year.

Digital Publishing Services

What is Digital Book Publishing at Easypress?

More than a decade ago when Easypress set out to develop the first “no touch” eBook production process we recognised that the very-best eBooks were produced from being another to extract all the publishing elements of the print layout to produce your eBook.

In 2017, Easypress added the ability to use the concepts behind digital publishing to manage and collaborate around taking manuscript content from Authored content in MS Word to a high-resolution Print ready PDF typeset in Adobe InDesign automating many of the steps a traditional onshore, or offshore publishing services would provide but at a fraction of the cost and in a much shorter time than existing production processes can deliver.

Today, Easypress is collaborating to deliver the third leg of what Easypress believes is the complete digital publishing platform Audio production. For Easypress, the journey from author manuscript to print and, or a digital ready book must pass through using all the digital book publishing stages and technologies. One manuscript delivering a multi-channel delivery of your Author’s story. One Author, many diverse outputs, one delivery platform.

The Benefits from Adopting a Digital Book Publishing Strategy

  • Big reduction in cost per page
  • Faster turn-around times for both print and digital product
  • Increased control over production
  • Software doing the heavy lifting in print and digital production
  • Remote working benefits from Digital Publishing
  • Easier to undertake last minute changes
  • Consistent and repeatable quality of output, be it print, eBook or Audio
  • Reduced management time
  • 100% track record over users on the digital publishing platform

Easypress’ Digital Publishing Strategy

Come and talk to us about your Digital Book Publishing needs in a fast-evolving book publishing world. Adopting Easypress’ digital publishing platform means you’re in control, with the publishing workflow, which works the way you want it, at a fraction of the time it takes and cost which will save you up to 90% on your current production costs.

That is what Digital Book Publishing means to Easypress.

Let us know how Easypress can make it your Digital Book Publishing process as well?

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