Software Maintenance

Our Software Maintenance Plans provide customers with exceptional value. Instant access to Atomik software, flexible licensing and more predictable software budgeting are just some of the benefits available. Choose from Standard Software Maintenance, Premium Software Maintenance and Flexible Global Licensing (FGL). For further information and the software maintenance order form please contact us.

Software Maintenance benefits include:

  • Software updates
  • Access to the Atomik Updates and upgrades website
  • Software upgrades (Premium)
  • Access to pre-release software (Premium)
  • Centrally deploy licences across multiple sites in multiple countries (FGL)
  • Complimentary crossgrades (FGL)
  • Flexible security (FGL)

Purchasing software maintenance plans through resellers

If you purchased or are purchasing Atomik software from one of Easypress Technologies’ reseller partners in your local country, you can also purchase any of our software maintenance plans from them directly. They will forward the information to Easypress Technologies and one of our team will confirm the purchase of your plan with you.


You must have all of the licenses of the Atomik product you wish to enrol in a plan currently upgraded to the latest version of that product. You can only apply a plan to all of your product licenses. It is not possible to split licenses between different plans.

Reporting Issues

Contact Support

If you need to report a problem to our technical support team, the easiest and quickest way is by filling in an online issue form. Select the relevant form from the list below.

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