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Atomik ePublisher: Revolutionising the print and digital book production process

Our powerful server-based platform, Atomik ePublisher, drastically reduces book production times and costs. Designed specifically with publishers in mind, our simple to use process will transform your workflow and increase your revenues for a fraction of the cost.

"Easypress are a service provider that work with you towards long-term success. They ensure you do what you do best and help you to efficiently take care of the rest."

Director of Publishing

Langham Publishing


Saving Time & Money

  • Fewer labour-intensive processes mean faster turnaround times
  • A 50% reduction in time spent producing final print & eBook files
  • Eliminates extra costs associated with external typesetting
  • Smaller portion of annual budgets spent on production


Increased Revenues

  • The ability to publish a larger number of titles per year
  • A higher volume of sales leads to an increase in profit margin
  • Saves money by reducing production costs


Unique Capabilities

  • The ability to ingest Microsoft Word files to create InDesign layouts in minutes
  • A quick and low-cost method of producing high-quality EPUB, EPUB3, Fixed-Layout, HTML5 and Mobi eBooks
  • The option to preview your PDF at any stage of the production process


Output Formats

  • Multiple output formats depending on your requirements
  • A central repository system for all files
  • Version history records changes made by all users
  • Make last-minute edits to files before publication


Easy to Use

  • User friendly
  • Available on Mac and Windows
  • No need for an Adobe software licence
  • Colaborative working with other users
  • Help and Support functions
  • Integrates with other workflow systems
  • Remotely manage and store files



  • Increased control over your publishing workflow
  • Content management
  • Version history records changes
  • Permissions assigned directly to each user
  • Produce data reports quickly and easily

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