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Reduce your time-to-publish for Print & Digital

We help book publishers reduce print and digital production costs and cycle times with our powerful digital publishing software platform, the Atomik ePublisher production platform. Designed from the ground up, this simple to use, cloud-based print to digital publishing software will transform your book publishing process and increase your front-list revenues for less cost.

"Easypress are a service provider that work with you for your long-term success, as a publisher they let you do what you do best and then help you efficiently take care of the rest."

Director of Publishing

Langham Publishing


Save Time & Money

  • Shorten cycle times
  • Manuscript to print & eBook production cycle time reduced by 50%
  • Reduce production costs - eliminate the cost & time associated with external typesetting
  • Reduce typesetting and proofing costs with no human error, 100% text accuracy & quick turnaround of eBook creation


Increase Revenue

  • Increase your front list significantly
  • Produce more books for the same cost, in less time
  • First to market with digital version – leading to increase in sales


Unique Capabilities

  • Automatically ingest Microsoft Word manuscripts to InDesign book layouts in minutes
  • Automated eBook creation provides low cost production of EPUB, EPUB3, "Fixed-Layout", HTML5, and the older Kindle AZW eBooks
  • Standard PDF engines in Adobe InDesign produce both high resolution and low resolution PDF



  • Increase your front list significantly
  • Uses Adobe InDesign Server technologies along with Alfresco Document Management system
  • Scalable – can handle any number of books or users
  • Security is provided by the HTTPS protocol


Easy to Use

  • Work collaboratively in the cloud
  • No dramatic changes to existing editorial & production processes
  • Smart editorial software in MAC or Windows transform working with manuscripts
  • Styling text, proses, tables, indexes, footnotes, endnotes, embedded images, cations, languages managed through MS Word in minutes – this software thinks like a book layout
  • Users do not need to have Adobe InDesign skills, or Adobe software present
  • Editor or book reviewer given permissions to change and edit certain parts of the book
  • Editing is just as simple as changing a Microsoft Word manuscript


Increased control over your publishing process

  • Improved control over your publishing process, without changing the way you work
  • Work securely & collaboratively in the cloud - all changes are logged, automatically version controlled and sent back dynamically to the originator
  • Permissions are given at the discretion of the originator and control remains with the production and design teams
  • Publishers can produce audit reports showing every change made to a file and also keep versions of each change in the repository
  • Styling guides & font licensing rules are applied to all the books created by your team

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