Take the Hard Work out of Book Manuscript Styling

A consistently, well styled manuscript is easy to read and review which is why many publishers typically style their manuscripts early in the production process. Atomik eStylist provides a simple approach to ensure every word within the manuscript is styled accurately.  A styling process which can take hours is reduced to minutes.

An accurately styled manuscript allows the editor and author to assess the flow for each part of the manuscript. Atomik eStylist is the easiest tool to operate and supercharges the process of turning an Author’s manuscript into the publisher's approved internal house style.

Using Word Macros or manual styling techniques for handling manuscripts however can make this process at best tedious and at worst, time-consuming and error-prone! As one notable Publisher commented, “This is not a job editorial teams enjoy!”


Atomik eStylist
by Easypress

Atomik eStylist is a powerful software styling platform. Designed to improve the productivity of Editorial Teams, it allows you to rapidly generate consistently styled Microsoft Word content for a broad range of books. Atomik eStylist is easy to adopt, removes the hard work from styling Microsoft Word book content, is super-fast and fits around all your styling needs.

Easypress developed Atomik eStylist to meet the specific requirements demanded by our publishers to directly meet the needs of their Editorial Teams. Atomik eStylist has taken years to develop and is in service with multiple publishers processing hundreds of manuscripts every month.


Style your manuscripts consistently in no time at all!

Consistent styling is the key to improved editorial productivity and brilliant book layouts.

Atomik eStylist contains a rules-driven assistant, which maps the hierarchy of a book layout and processes each book content accordingly. This allows every manuscript to be styled, ordered and laid out in the hierarchy of a real book. Styling parts, chapters, sections, paragraphs, tables, proses, footnotes and endnotes are all handled as the Atomik eStylist passes through the manuscript.


Fast, accurate styling at a fraction of the cost

Atomik eStylist has been designed to handle a wide range of manuscript types, including Trade Fiction, Non-Fiction, Juvenile and most forms of Academic manuscripts.  

Atomik eStylist uses your styling definitions as a starting point to ensure consistent application of styles to every manuscript. Local styling preferences regularly used by editorial teams can be added or shared across the Team.

This powerful styling platform delivers consistently styled manuscripts in a fraction of the time it takes you to process Microsoft Word manuscripts when using manual or macro based styling.

Available for either Mac or Windows, Atomik eStylist is intuitive to use and allows you to control even those trickier items in Microsoft Word, such as white/thin space, non-breaking space and ellipses.

The tool is extremely accurate and the user remains in control of how the styling is applied.

Rapid consistent styling in a fraction of the time - that’s Atomik eStylist.

Why use Atomik eStylist?

Consistent Styling
Reliably Applied
Reduce Editorial Workloads

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