Taking the hard work out of manuscript styling

Many publishers now recognise the importance of styling manuscripts consistently. A well-styled manuscript is easy to review, gives the editor greater control over formatting and allows for the creation of professional-looking eBooks.

Using Word macros or other manual styling techniques is, at best, tedious and, at worst, time-consuming and error-prone! As one notable publisher commented, “It is not a job editorial teams enjoy!”

The Atomik eStylist productivity tool, “AeS”, makes this process super quick and easy. What would normally take hours can now be accomplished in just a matter of minutes, thanks to this user-friendly solution.


Atomik eStylist
by Easypress

Atomik eStylist is a powerful software styling platform. Designed to improve productivity, it allows editorial teams to generate styled Microsoft Word documents for a broad range of books. Atomik eStylist is easy to adopt and it's speedy, taking the hard work out of manuscript styling.

Easypress created Atomik eStylist in response to our clients' growing demand for editorial efficiency. Atomik eStylist has taken years to develop and is used by multiple publishers, processing hundreds of manuscripts every month.


Style your manuscripts consistently in no time at all!

Consistent styling is the key to improved editorial productivity and brilliant book layouts.

Atomik eStylist is a rules-driven assistant, which maps the design hierarchy of a book and styles the content accordingly. Parts, chapters, sections, paragraphs, tables, prose, footnotes and endnotes are all handled as Atomik eStylist processes the manuscript.


Fast, accurate styling at a fraction of the cost

Atomik eStylist has been designed to handle a wide range of books, including trade fiction, non-fiction, juvenile fiction and most academic manuscripts.  

Atomik eStylist uses your styling definitions as a starting point, ensuring they are consistently applied to every document. Local styling preferences can be added or shared across the team.

Available for either Mac or Windows, Atomik eStylist is user friendly and fully configurable. It allows you to control the formatting of non-breaking spaces, ellipses, en dashes, images, tables and much more.

Rapid, accurate styling in a fraction of the time - that’s Atomik eStylist.

Why use Atomik eStylist?

Consistent Styling
Reduce Editorial Workloads

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