Transform brochures and catalogues layouts

All catalogue producers want to style their catalogue and brochure pages early in the production process. But very often the pages are being produced whilst the data is still be being collated in the XML repository which can lead to poor design layouts.

Laying out XML data consistently, with the page content looking professionally designed is key to brilliant catalogue layouts. Atomik RoundTrip allows you to make the bridge between data and good looking, to deliver well designed, easy to digest catalogue pages. Atomik RoundTrip is easy to adopt, removes the hard work from laying out styled Adobe InDesign pages, is super-fast and fits around all your template needs, so you can style your catalogues consistently in no time at all!


Atomik Roundtrip
by Easypress

Originally developed for catalogue suppliers with a heavy text component, Atomik RoundTrip is a desktop software platform designed to help and support Catalogue Teams. It enables the dynamic layout of Adobe InDesign templates using content and page layout in Adobe InDesign from an XML repository.

Atomik RoundTrip is a rules-based engine which allows designers to apply layout styling to the XML data being fed directly from your repository. These rules allow designers to add considerable layout designs to the XML to make the page layout look professionally designed and well laid-out.

This powerful rules-engine allows character styling to be applied, such as bold, underlined and italics, as well as layout styling, to create well-designed headers, sub-headers, paragraphs, indents, bullets and lists. All these elements enable catalogues to be designed with the most realistic, easy to read layouts.

Atomik RoundTrip is an invaluable tool to aid in the rapid design and creation of catalogues with a professional looking layout.

How does Atomik RoundTrip do this?

Atomik Roundtrip interprets the fields in your XML database and associates them with rules, to ensure each field is transformed into the layout you require.

As the rules-engine is independent from Adobe InDesign, it can be configured quickly to allow for any transliteration from data to designed layout.

A consistently, well-styled layout is easy and attractive to read, and it allows editorial teams to rapidly review what the final catalogue would look like prior to going to print.

Using Atomik RoundTrip combined with its sister product Atomik Xport, it is even possible to allow for any late-stage editing in Adobe InDesign to be exported from your Adobe InDesign layout back into XML with the correct fields, to ensure that there is consistency between your XML repository and your final print layouts.

Atomik RoundTrip is available for either Mac or Windows, is intuitive to use and allows you to control even those trickier items in XML, such as white/thin space, non-breaking space and ellipses.

The tool is 100% accurate and users remain in control of both layouts and XML data, as it is applied to the page, or re-applied after updates.

Consistently accurate and rapid layouts at the press of a button - that’s Atomik RoundTrip!

Why use Atomik Roundtrip?

Reliably Applied
Reduce Editorial Workloads

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