Who We Are

Print & digital publishing for the new now

Easypress is a leading global provider of cloud-based digital publishing platforms. Established over 15 years ago we are obsessive about digital publishing of books. Based in Guildford, UK, our print and digital publishing solutions support many of the leading global publishers, streamlining the workflows for some of the largest global book publishers, corporate communications and magazine publishing processes around the world.

From trade publications, non-fiction, Christian or academic publishers, to SME trade publishers and self-publishing authors with a few titles to book publishers processing thousands of titles per year, we provide easy to use, scalable and agile print and digital publishing platform that makes publishing easier, faster and cheaper for publisher’s to use at anytime from everywhere.

Why work with us?

The global pandemic has changed book publishing over the last few months in more ways than we have seen in the past decade. The challenge to existing publishing workflows with publishers and their staff having to work from home rather than from their traditional offices is forcing tough decisions on costs, effort and managing the challenge of maintaining or even increasing the front-list. After the initial concerns in March 2020 of the drop in revenues in publishing most publishers in the UK and North America have bounced back strongly. Some imprints are wrestling with an increase the number of titles to meet demand, short run print titles are under pressure with POD and digital first titles being a preference. Some major customers have focused on digital publishing with a resurgence in eBook production. Remote working for editorial and publishing teams has focused on looking for productive tools to be increasingly used from the home-desktop. The past few months publishing is being forced to adapt and transform which will have an impact for years to come. Although print will never die the way in which readers of books and other media, such as magazines, newspapers and journals, consume digital content is growing.

We understand the issues faced by publishers in the ever-changing digital world and provide latest , scalable and flexible publishing technology solutions to overcome today's challenges. Multi-channel publishing has never been simpler.


Our manuscript styling tools massively reduce the time it takes your editorial teams to prepare authors manuscripts for proofing, copyediting and print production.


Our cloud-based print book will allow accurate and very fast typesetting of almost any book in an easy to use, no touch Adobe InDesign layout without the need for offsite typesetters.


Our cloud-based eBook creation tool is used by large book publishers to convert their published books from Adobe InDesign to eBook EPUB formats in seconds with 100% accuracy and at a fraction of the price for even off-shore vendors.


Our eBook production software is a no-touch digital conversion.


We provide all the publishing and conversion technology needed to maximise revenues.


We work with your existing processes, people and infrastructure to get you up and running fast.


The outcome will allow you to publish more, from the less resources, in less time without outsourcing your content.

Who we work with?

Whether it’s your latest annual report, a monthly journal, a fictional novel reprint or an ebook publication, our market leading digital publishing solutions support trade, non-fiction and academic book publishers, corporate communications, magazines as well as SME publishers and self-publishing authors bring their stories to life with confidence, accuracy and speed.

Easypress at a glance

  • Over 15 years’ experience in XML exporting
  • End to end collaborative production workflow
  • Cloud publishing solutions for print & digital
  • Automated eBook creation
  • Automated typeset layout using advanced mathematical algorithms
  • Smart and learning processes to fit book production to individual needs
  • Trusted technology partner delivering next generation publishing to the world’s leading book and magazine publishers
  • Premier development partner for Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud (CC20XX); older QuarkXtensions partner for Quark in support of W3C Publishing standards
  • Privately held company, with offices in Guildford, UK

Our Team

James Macfarlane


James is a founder and Chief Executive Officer of Easypress Group Limited & Easypress Technologies Limited.

Prior to this role, James was a founder and CEO of BookGenie451Inc, an advanced publishing software research company developing the next generation of publishing and delivery for educational content into the global higher education markets. He is also a founder of Sopheon Plc, holding the role of Vice President of Global Business Development, and responsible for raising funds of £37.5 million, leading all M&A activity and spearheading Sopheon’s growth and strategic direction.

“Easypress technology will substantially cut our external costs and bring considerable benefits internally in terms of improving our workflow.”

Global Production Sourcing Director at Harper Collins

"Endeavour Media is aiming to become the most progressive book publisher in the market today, we apply that aim to every aspect of how we publish. Easypress and their technology is empowering us to win."

Rebecca Souster

Publishing Director at LUME Books

"Easypress' response to meeting our eBook conversion needs was refreshingly reactive and their Atomik ePublisher software produced just the eBooks Arcadia Books needed."

Joe Harper

Director at Arcadia Books

"Communication and support from Easypress are excellent, and it is invaluable to have access to live files to make amends in real time and produce both print-ready files and ebooks.”

Talya Baker

Managing Editor, Piccadilly Press & Hot Key Books at Bonnier Books

"As an academic publisher serving a globally diverse range of authors to a similarly diverse international marketplace, finding the right production process that is resilient for print and electronic books has been a challenge. Easypress have helped us overcome this challenge and continue to support us with the tools we need."

Luke Lewis

Director of Publishing at Langham Publishing

“I wanted to say again how smooth this training and implementation process has been. We have felt very supported every step of the way.”

Sara O'Connor

Editorial Director of Print & Digital at Bonnier