Easypress Announces the Launch of Atomik eStylist 2024

James Macfarlane

February 19, 2024




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James Macfarlane

Atomik eStylist 2024 – The latest release of our assisted styling software!

Easypress has always recognised the importance of consistent and well-styled manuscripts. From early in the publishing process to checking final content ready for publication, styling is a vitally important step.

By providing market-leading digital publishing solutions to global publishers, Easypress has developed high-value workflow tools to lower your book production costs.

Atomik eStylist is a market-leading digital application for rapidly and accurately styling manuscripts. Easypress’ Atomik eStylist platform is a smart application –using configurable style sets and predictive analytics to suggest appropriate styles for your manuscript.

Atomik eStylist was developed to provide a user-friendly styling application for both large- and small-scale publishers. Since its launch, the Easypress software developers release regular updates to keep up with the needs of its users.

Lightning-fast, Atomik eStylist can style a 320-page Word manuscript in under one minute – giving a 15:1 reduction in styling time, compared to traditional styling methods such as macros or shortcuts!

Atomik eStylist is the cumulation of many years of hard work, with our software developers listening carefully to feedback from editorial teams across the sector.

Monday 19th February 2024 – Easypress announces the launch of the latest version of Atomik eStylist!

In the latest release, Atomik eStylist 2024, can semi-automatically check manuscripts against The Daisy Corporation’s accessibility standards while allowing users to add and edit image alt-text.

Additional new and improved features include:

  • The chapter pane can now show tables, full paragraph pictures and time breaks as icons for ease of navigation. Full paragraph pictures that do not have alt-text set (required for accessibility) will be indicated with a warning triangle, for user attention.
  • Manual Mode style inspector now allows users to apply style “sequences” to contiguous multi-paragraph selections (subject to style sequences being defined in the genre; they are not yet user-editable).
  • New pre-styling action to normalise white space around footnote and endnote references.
  • The document information displayed in the assisted tab now shows whether the document contains “track changes” information and provides a button to “accept all” tracked changes.
  • User preference in General tab to “accept all track changes” automatically when a document is opened.
  • The document information displayed in Assisted tab now shows whether the document contains index markers or cross-references.
  • The chapter auto detect “accept checked” action can be configured by the genre configuration to perform text replacements, such as removing certain instructions in the text of the document.
  • You can now find empty paragraphs using regex facility in Find pane using a search string of “^$”.
  • Interactively choose between “Strict” and “Loose” similarity matching in Assisted Mode.
  • The document Information displayed in Assisted now shows whether the document contains drop caps and provides button to convert them to regular text.
  • New pre-styling action to convert drop caps to regular text.
  • The document Information displayed in Assisted now shows whether the document contains very long words (over 40 characters).
  • New menu item to find next paragraph containing a very long word (over 40 characters).
  • Apply paragraph styles in tables to specific custom cells and ranges.
  • Clearly see which table cells contain allowed paragraph styles using red/green Styles colouring tables view option.

Easypress is a publishing production software and services company based in the UK, delivering award-winning technology globally for over 25 years.

If you would like to learn more about the productivity improvements Atomik eStylist 2024 could bring to your production workflow, please contact us here.

Alternatively, to book a face-to-face meeting with one of our team at the London Book Fair 2024, visit our meeting calendar.


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