Best Beach Books for 2022 – Our Team Picks their Three Favourites

Melanie, Rebecca & Emily

July 18, 2022




Written By
Melanie, Rebecca & Emily

Our Easypress team pick their top books to take away on holiday

Following the confusion of Covid, lockdowns and ever-changing travel restrictions, most of us have probably forgotten what it feels like to go on holiday abroad. But FINALLY, it is time to dust off our passports, as this summer will allow many to jet off for the first time since the pandemic began. With most families choosing to spend their well-deserved break overseas, it’s clear that holidays have never been so important for physical and mental recuperation.

And what better way is there to relax than with a great book?

For anyone still searching for their next holiday read, the Easypress production team have some recommendations for your holiday!

Easypress’ Holiday Book Recommendations

Emily’s Pick: A Midnight Dark and Golden by Holly Race

Third novel in the ‘Midnight’s Twins’ trilogy

From Hot Key Books (Imprint of Bonnier Books UK)

Often, people say they read books to be transported to another world. Well, what if a book could transport you to multiple worlds?

Enter A Midnight Dark and Golden. The final book in Holly Race’s ‘Midnight’s Twins’ fantasy trilogy, A Midnight Dark and Golden follows the protagonist Fern in both London and Annwn, the dream reflection of London. Each night, Fern enters Annwn to protect the Dreamers who walk in their sleep, which is her duty as a Knight. But with the loss of Fern’s powers, and the increasing control of her enemy, Medraut, Annwn is becoming more dangerous. The trilogy certainly reaches an explosive conclusion with this book!

And if you haven’t read the previous two books (Midnight’s Twins and A Gathering Midnight – both also typeset by Easypress), why not give them a read first – more books mean more time to relax, which is something we all need on holiday! A Midnight Dark and Golden is not only available as a paperback, but an eBook and audiobook too – so there’s no danger of getting the pages wet by the pool.

Perhaps you’ve grown tired of the resort you’re staying at, or perhaps you’re weary from a long hike. Read A Midnight Dark and Golden and pay a visit to London and Annwn – a holiday from your holiday!

Print ISBN: 9781471411199  

eBook ISBN: 9781471411182

Buy A Midnight Dark and Golden now  

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Rebecca’s pick: Finding Love in Positano by Lucy Coleman

From Embla Books (Imprint of Bonnier Books UK)

For me, Finding Love in Positano by Lucy Coleman epitomises all the aspects of the perfect holiday book: escapism, relaxation and romance – all set on the beautiful Amalfi Coast! Who doesn’t love a book that embodies the spirit of summer?

From cover to cover, Coleman uses the main character, Marci, as a reflection of the twenty-first century career-driven woman – only drawn to Italy by her innate curiosity towards her godfather. It is the power of the mystery and excitement of her newfound holiday romance that finally leaves her wondering if there is more to life than work.

It was a pleasure for Easypress to work alongside Embla Books on the production of Finding Love in Positano. Our production team eagerly awaits new titles by this fantastic author to work on and enjoy reading in their spare time.

Available for purchase now in print, eBook or audiobook, it is the perfect holiday read.

Other seasonal holiday reads by Lucy Coleman include: A Springtime to Remember, The Villa of Dreams, The French Adventure and Snowflakes Over Holly Cove.

Print ISBN: 9781471411601

eBook ISBN: 9781471411595

Buy Finding Love in Positano now

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Melanie’s pick: The Excellent Doctor Blackwell by Julia Boyd

From Lume Books

Finding a great beach read does not limit you to fiction. A biography can be just as transportive as a novel, and Julia Boyd’s The Excellent Dr Blackwell is no exception.

When British-born Elizabeth Blackwell earned her medical degree in America in 1849 there was an international outcry. Few at the time would have disagreed with the actress Fanny Kemble’s remark – ‘What, trust a woman doctor – never!’

From a 21st-century perspective, it’s difficult to imagine just how hard it was for these pioneering women, who faced significant opposition and even violence when pursuing their chosen vocation.

Julia Boyd’s fantastic biography sheds light on their story by exploring how the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States, and the first woman on the Medical Register in the United Kingdom, changed the world forever.

Despite Dr Blackwell’s complex nature (I was surprised to learn that she overcame great odds to become a doctor but didn’t like treating patients), her sheer determination blazed a trail for women in medicine, not only as a supporter of female physicians but as an advocate for women’s health.

If you fancy taking non-fiction on holiday this year, The Excellent Dr Blackwell is an inspiring read.

Print ISBN: 978-1-83901-293-8

Buy The Excellent Doctor Blackwell now

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