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Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress are used by millions of people all over the world to create a wide variety of printed publications from daily newspapers to monthly magazines. However, with the explosion of the web, tablets, eBooks and cross-media publishing in general, extracting content from Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress so that it can be re-used digitally has become of paramount importance.

We deliver world-class digital and publishing technology solutions to numerous newspaper, journal and magazine publishers to help them cost effectively, accurately and swiftly extract content from Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress files in order to re-use digitally across a variety of different channels


Why use Easypress Atomik Xport?

Atomik Xport from Easypress streamlines the extraction of content as valid XML. Using our tightly integrated Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress editorial tools, additional information and markers can be authored into documents for subsequent use by Atomik Xport during an extraction.

It is possible to mark boxes such as adverts to be excluded, to mark grouped geometric shapes to be extracted as an image, to associate specific text as the caption or copyright for an image, or to manually record an article box ordering where the automated options are not sufficient.

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