Everything I Wish I’d Known About Stress: A Hopeful Toolkit

Jayne Hardy

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Jayne Hardy
Floe Publishing



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Jayne Hardy, who founded the company in2022, is a self-help advocate and has featured on several platforms, such as BBC Radio 2, The Guardian, and at TEDx Brum. Jayne is also the founder and CEO of The Blurt Foundation – dedicated to helping those affected by depression – and the author of five wellness books:  

·        Everything I Wish I'd Known About Stress: A Hopeful Toolkit

·        Kind Words for Unkind Days: A Guide to Surviving and Thriving in Difficult Times

·        The Self-Care Project: How to Let Go of Frazzle and Make Time for You

·        365 Days of Self Care: A Journal

·        Making Space: Creating Boundaries in an Ever-Encroaching World

Everything I Wish I’d Known About Stress: A Hopeful Toolkit is Floe Publishing’s first book, and an invaluable guide to help identify, understand and manage stress! Filled with thought-provoking activities and coping techniques, Everything I Wish I’d Known About Stress is an essential read for all those who struggle with the pressures of everyday ­life.

The production team at Easypress has always enjoyed designing and typesetting books by independent publishers – Everything I Wish I’d Known About Stress by Jayne Hardy is no exception! We had a great time working with the author to ensure the book’s interior is both clear and visually appealing. What’s more, by using Atomik eStylist and Atomik ePublisher – the latest in publishing technology – we were able to meet Jayne’s tight print deadline! To find out how our software can help you create professional-looking PDFs and eBooks, please get in touch.