Leonie Skyforce-Clarke and the Mystery of the Green Case

Elisa Nolf

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Elisa Nolf
Skyforce-Clarke Publishing



Join 10-year-old Leonie and her brother Lionel on this funny, nail-biting, madcap adventure set in Sydney, Australia - Ellie Jones, best selling author of Brilliant!

Following the shenanigans of brother and sister team Leonie and Lionel, they race against the clock to solve a mystery. “It all kicks off when they find an old, locked up green suitcase washed up at Tamarama Beach. What could be inside? The clues they discover send the pair on a thrilling caper – solving bizarre riddles, finding secret items, escaping from a tv-addicted nanny and steering clear of royally suspicious characters!”

As a member of the production team, it is always a pleasure when we have the opportunity to typeset work by an independent author – Elisa Nolf and Leonie Skyforce-Clarke were no exception. When collaborating on template modification, selecting fonts, image sizes and general formatting, it is always exciting to produce pdfs and eBooks that readers are going to enjoy.

Through using Atomik eStylist (AeS), the processes of styling the text and images was seamless. AeS ensured that we were able to format the textin no time at all, leaving us the ability to focus on selecting appropriate fonts and the overall look of the content. Atomik ePublisher (AeP) ensured we were able to use a standard ingest and composition to create a proof and print-ready pdf. AeP was also vital in creating the proof and final eBook – effectively displaying all images and fonts.

Both I and my fellow colleagues who worked on the production of Leonie Skyforce-Clarke thoroughly enjoyed this project and are looking forward to collaborations with Elisa Nolf in the future on her new children's adventure titles.

Elisa Nolf lives in Sydney, Australia and is a senior lawyer and is the mother of a very ebullient two-year old. Alongside her career and being a mother, she is passionate about writing fun, exciting and immersive stories that children can lose themselves in.  Elisa's first globally published children's book is Leonie Skyforce-Clarke and the Mystery of the Green Case.

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