The Orchid Hour

Nancy Bilyeau

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Nancy Bilyeau
Lume Books



The Roaring Twenties in Little Italy, New York are in full swing when Zia De Luca finds herself at the heart of a murder investigation. On her quest for the truth, she stumbles across The Orchid Hour speakeasy – Will she find the murderer, or simply uncover more secrets?

'If you tell Nancy Bilyeau that reading one of her historical novels of suspense is like strapping yourself into a time machine, you'll make her a happy woman. She loves crafting immersive historical stories, whether it's Jazz Age New York City in The Orchid Hour, the 18th-century European porcelain workshops and art galleries in The Blue or The Fugitive Colours, or Henry VIII's tumultuous England in The Crown, The Chalice, and The Tapestry. A magazine editor who has worked on the staffs of Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly, Nancy drew on her journalism experience to research The Orchid Hour, which includes real-life figures such as Lucky Luciano, Arnold Rothstein, and Lous Buchalter. While working as deputy editor of the nonprofit Center on Media, Crime and Justice in New York City, Nancy covered organized crime as well as cybercrime and terrorism.'

In recent years, Easypress has had the pleasure of working on several of Nancy Bilyeau’s novels alongside Lume Books, such as: The Blue, Dreamland and The Fugitive Colours. When using our publishing platform Atomik ePublisher (, the production team were able to reference previous titles by Nancy Bilyeau to get a sense of the style of previous narratives to replicate in The Orchid Hour.

Assisted styling software Atomik eStylist ( was vital when formatting to ensure a consistent style was kept throughout to maximise readability for both print and digital platforms.

The Easypress production team look forward to working on many more of Nancy Bilyeau’s historical thrillers in the future!