Easypress Technologies: A Journey in the Making

James Macfarlane

October 28, 2020




Written By
James Macfarlane

CEO of Easypress with over 25 years experience in the digital publishing industry. Pioneer in the digital publishing space and thought leader online.

Easypress began in the late 1990’s when a group of very talented software and publishing developers got together to address the rapidly developing influence of the internet on the global publishing market.

More than 20 years ago transliterating content from the print format to a publishable format for the web was a huge challenge. The publishing and print industry had been largely unchanged for decades prior to development of the internet. However, this young team believed that publishing would become the burning platform, which may subsume a market sector largely unchanged since the end of the Second World War.

That feared change didn’t come to pass but twenty years on the way readers consume news, music, magazines and books has changed radically and so have the production platforms on which they sit. None of the consumption formats has gone away but how, when and where we want to consume that content has completely altered.

For every sector of the publishing industry new and more flexible ways to author, produce and distribute curated content is now the driver for expansion as technology develops for individual consumers.

Easypress has successfully been able to ride on the leading edge of that transformation of content through building tools and platforms for the publishing industry that drive down the cost of delivery whilst improving the capabilities and control of the publishers to meet the demands of the industry whilst delivering more, with less resources.

Today, Easypress is primarily centred on supporting the book publishing market globally. Building productivity tools for editorial teams and allowing production to take place 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.

Throughout our more than 20 years of history our business has been based and grown by listening carefully to publisher's problems and building innovative technology solutions and platforms to make your life easier and inevitably cheaper to manage and deliver.

Working with our clients is not just a privilege but a shared experience. Our aim is to leave you to grow and develop your businesses, whilst smoothing and reducing the burden of change.

After more than 20 years, that is I believe one of our greatest legacies, truly “a journey in the making”!  


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