Why is SMARTER CHEAPER Book Publishing - for YOU?

James Macfarlane

October 29, 2020




Written By
James Macfarlane

CEO of Easypress with over 25 years experience in the digital publishing industry. Pioneer in the digital publishing space and thought leader online.

Easypress like all businesses is facing the unpresented challenge of change. More has changed for the publishing world since February 2020 than in the preceding decade!

Easypress is calling the “NEW NOW”, which causes you to conclude that continued change will be a consequence for the foreseeable future. The rate at which the business can adapt will determine the business performance for the next few years.

Just think of the ways in which you’ve already had to adapt since February? No more travelling to your place of work, video conferencing the order of the business day, greater flexibility in how you work a must to ensure that your personal and work obligations are in equilibrium.

The pressure of the business deadline is still ever present as the “show” must goon and finding work-arounds and compromises have become the order of our day.

These challenges have fallen equally on markets, management, staff, and of course the clients and readership you serve.

As we all adapt into understanding how these complex pressures balance out.However, there are a few truths which are emerging.

Firstly, going back to how it was, is no longer an option, even if or when the current situation disappeared. Businesses move on and a new way of developing the business emerges to allow the bottom-line to continue to improve, whilst providing reassurance and security for everyone in the business.

Secondly, new ways of working and best practice emerge to ensure that the business and its processes can cope.

Finally, measuring that progress in the business now becomes the new imperative for management.

Easypress believes that greater automation and integration of workflows with less manual intervention will be one of the keys to underlying improvements in business performance.

Creating a SMARTER cheaper publishing workflow will a key performance driver. We’d be keen to discuss how that SMARTER and cheaper publishing workflow will develop in your publishing business.


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