Easypress Announce the Launch of Atomik eStylist v3.3


November 8, 2022




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Easypress is a global leading supplier of Book Publishing Software Platforms

08/11/2022 (LONDON) - Easypress Announces their latest release of it editorial publishing software product ATOMIK eStylist v3.3

Easypress are delighted to announce the next version of its editorial production platform Atomik eStylist. Atomik eStylist is a editorial productivity technology, which has been developed by Easypress directly with a number of UK & US leading publishing clients.

Atomik eStylist is designed to reduce manual labour at the early stages of book production by allowing an author's MS Word manuscripts to be styled quickly and consistently. A consistently well styled author's manuscript allows book production in Adobe InDesign to be a much faster process with a better quality outcome in the final print ready PDF.

The launch of Atomik eStylist v3.3 is a significant step forward in smarter production support for both editorial and production teams in book production.

There are a number of key new features in this release of Atomik eStylist. They are:

Firstly, Atomik eStylist provides advanced support for manuscripts which contain inline images, tables, footnotes and endnotes. These improvements are essential for more complicated non-fiction book layouts containing a mixture of images and tables. Images can be pre-configured prior to book production, swapped with better resolution images and and aligned on the page (Left, Centred, or Right) to allow textflow around the image for either recto or verso page alignment. This styling feature removes the need to hand-place images and laboriously style tables which dramatically speeds up styling a manuscript.

Secondly, for the first time book styling genres can be shared amongst editorial teams to allow the consistent application of house styling to be applied by editorial teams working on multiple manuscripts. In this way, publishers can ensure and manage the use and adoption of common styling across single, or multiple imprints. This capability reduces the possibility of mis-styling manuscripts from one team member to another.

Finally, for the first time Atomik eStylist supports the use of ALT TXT in digital objects in the manuscript such as images. With the increasingly rapid movement by publishers toward providing advanced support for Accessible digital content within a manuscript Atomik eStylist can allow editorial and production teams to add, or improve ALT TXT description on the fly whilst styling the manuscript. This is a very important step in working towards fully accessible digital books in the future.

James Macfarlane, Easypress' CEO commented on the release of Atomik eStylist v3.3 "Easypress has continued to listen carefully to its own publishing Clients on the productivity improvements which need to be made to the early stages of the editorial production process. Faster, less repetitive and more consistent outcomes to rapidly styling book manuscripts have and will be the goal for Atomik eStylist". James Macfarlane commented further by saying "I am particularly impressed with the smarter features being built into Atomik eStylist. Our development and production teams are working with Easypress' clients to create a truly stand-out editorial production platform". In concluding, James Macfarlane said "Our publishing industry is facing many new challenges both economic and in support accessibility which will become legally mandated here in Europe by the middle of 2025 - Easypress will continue to develop innovative new technology to measure and support what will be a rapidly changing landscape for future book production requirements".

Easypress would be delighted to share our experience of how it reduced its publishing Client's costs and how Atomik eStylist is improving their productivity. Why not come and talk to our Team?


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