Flower Power!

Caroline Wedd

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Caroline Wedd
Flower Power Book



Flower Power! is an interactive and educational storybook featuring eight original songs and three pieces of instrumental music alongside hand-drawn illustrations all written, painted and composed by Caroline Wedd – All of which have been carefully designed to kickstart classroom conversations surrounding the themes of love, encouragement, resilience and perseverance.


Flower Power! is for every child – the child of today, the child of tomorrow and the child within us all!

The project, Flower Power! eBook, perfectly sums up the purpose of the narrative when it identifies that “the Flower Power! picture storybook and songs will likewise enrich your ‘parent and child’ reading time, inspire you to enjoy the ‘great outdoors’ together and give you some ideas for art and craft fun!”


Flower PowerBook first approached Easypress with the task of creating an eBook well-suited to be used in schools by children across the UK. Through the use of Atomik ePublisher and InDesign 2022, we were able to create a fun and interactive eBook that incorporates the multimodal educational material. Our central repository system Atomik ePublisher (AeP) proved crucial when generating and augmented multi-media eBook, which ensured that the eBook met the publishers specification.


With the rise in discussions and need for more audio-based learning in schools, Flower Power! is the perfect resource to encourage readers of all abilities. It is crucial t to recognise that auditory-based strategies can inspire children to think past the illustrations. Flower Power! uses music and instrumental tracks as a fantastic tool to enhance classroom engagement with the meaning behind the story. In order to keep in touch with the authentic style of the storybook, it was important for Easypress to request to use additional hand-drawn illustrations as interactive ‘buttons’ to allow the users to personally control the music and songs.


It has been a pleasure working alongside the author, Caroline Wedd, on this project and Easypress eagerly awaits new material from Flower Power Book to start working on!


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