Rachel Ryan’s Resolutions

Laura Starkey

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Laura Starkey
Embla Books



‘Hilarious and heartwarming’ - Matt Dunn, author of Home

Rachel Ryan’s Resolutions, is ‘a heart warming, laugh out loud romantic comedy’ by the up-and-coming author Laura Starkey, published by a new imprint Embla Books - part of Bonnier Books UK.


When Rachel (the fiery protagonist) creates her New Year’s Resolutions, she believes that 2019 will be her year. However by February, things are already not going to plan: her work, personal life and social life all begin to fall into chaos – This rom-com ticks all the boxes when it comes to a funny and light-hearted read.

Rachel Ryan’s Resolutions is the first novel written by Laura Starkey. Published by Embla Books, a digital-first imprint of Bonnier Books UK, the novel has been described as ‘a sparkling debut’ for Starkey. As a graduate of the Faber Academy, I am sure we can expect many more exciting new novels from her in the future!


When it came to typesetting Rachel Ryan’s Resolutions, Atomik eStylist (AeS)proved extremely helpful when styling the MS Word manuscript and preparing the text for formatting in InDesign. AeS meant that we were able to style the different text message extracts and notes within the novel with ease and consistency. With such a time-saving tool, I was able to style the full manuscript in 20 minutes.


Our central repository system Atomik ePublisher (AeP) proved crucial when generating the proof and final pdfs. Using AeP, the creation of ePub and Mobi files was a seamless process and ensured that we were able to deliver both files to Embla Books before their deadlines. Once again, our time-saving software meant that I could create both eBooks in 15 minutes.


We look forward to continuing to work with Embla Books in the future on their digital-first projects.