Knots for Horse-Lovers

Ron Edwards

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Ron Edwards
Ram Skull Press



Having owned his own saddlery business for over thirty years, Ron Edwards has successfully translated his expertise into an accessible eBook. Emphasising the usefulness of creating your own gear, Knots for Horse-Lovers proves an essential addition to any eBook collection for horse enthusiasts.


Rams Skull Press, a small publishing house based in Australia, uses a series of eBooks to highlight the necessary skills required to master knot-tying. Knots for Horse-Lovers demonstrates the specific techniques needed to create a range of tools including a tether rope using an eye splice, back splice with a round turn and two half hitches.

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While creating the knot-tying eBook series for Rams Skull Press, I found myself exposed to a genre of literature that I had never experienced before. Not only do I appreciate Ron Edward’s talent for hand-drawing illustrations, but also the undeniable scope of his subject knowledge. Knots for Horse-Lovers is not only informative but is an effective step-by-step guide to creating knots. In corresponding with editor Deb, it is apparent that the family-run business takes the upmost pride in producing their niche genre of print and eBooks.


Using InDesign alongside our digital publishing software Atomik ePublisher, exporting Knots for Horse-Lovers as a fixed layout ePub was a smooth process. Generating a clear and highly informative eBook for Rams Skull Press has been an experience I have thoroughly enjoyed. I am looking forward to continuing to work alongside Ron and Deb and completing the rest of their knot-tying series.