Music. Football. Fatherhood.

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Music. Football. Fatherhood.



DAD is a collection of raw and deeply moving stories about the challenges of modern fatherhood. The book covers a variety of experiences, including gay fatherhood and surrogacy; childbirth trauma and PTSD; widowhood; stillbirth; postnatal depression; divorce; being a single dad and black fatherhood. The team at Music.Football.Fatherhood (MFF) hope to challenge gender stereotypes by starting an open and honest conversation about what it means to be a dad. As Elliott Rae, the founder of MFF, has said:

"This is a ground-breaking book. Never before have a group of men come together to bare their souls and speak so openly and honestly about their fatherhood experiences.”

The publication journey of DAD started with a successful crowdfunding campaign and found its way to Easypress. Our team were delighted when we were approached by MFF and worked closely with Elliott Rae to decide how best to layout DAD.


The first stage of typesetting involves determining the genre and discussing industry standards for books of this kind. Of course, our clients have the final say, but it’s important to consider best practice when choosing the right book size and font. For example, Elliott chose a Royal template for the first print run, which works particularly well for memoirs and hardbacks, such as DAD.


Deciding on a font is another big topic when it comes to book design, and there is plenty of information around the subject online. It’s important to find a font that’s both comfortable for your readers and “on message”. It’s highly unlikely that anybody will notice a suitable font. By contrast, everybody will notice a poor choice. After getting a feel for the style of the writing in DAD, the team selected Minion Pro, a versatile and easy-to-read typeface that works especially well in non-fiction.


Atomik ePublisher ensured that the finalised files and images were used to create the print-ready PDF and eBook. They were created with ease and sent back to the MFF before their target deadline and print date.

Since typesetting and proofreading DAD, Easypress has closely followed the social media campaign of Music.Football.Fatherhood. and has seen it rise fromstrength to strength. With their clear message of “opening conversations aroundFatherhood”, their online platforms have exploded with support. Elliott hasalso commented on the shift of parenting roles during the pandemic in The Guardian, available to read here: Covid and the shift of parenting roles – The Guardian


Copies of DAD are available to purchase from Waterstones, WHSmith, Amazon and Foyles.

Since publication, Music.Football.Fatherhood and its founder, Elliott Rae, has featured on a number of podcasts to spread their message. Alongside organising events, charity football matches and providing advice online, Elliott Rae has also filmed an eye-opening documentary for the BBC We Are England, available to watch here:


To find out more information on the work of MFF, show your support or order a copy of DAD, please visit: