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Russell Sullman

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Russell Sullman
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The fantastic Harry Rose novels by Russell Sullman donates 100% of its profits to The Royal British Legion

The Harry Rose novels have been praised for their accurate descriptions of air combat and military life during World War II. For readers who enjoy military history and are seeking an insight into life during thatperiod, this series will be perfect for you! For more information on Russell Sullman’s novels, please visit the Lume Books website.


The production team at Easypress thoroughly enjoyed typesetting the Russell Sullman’s work: To So Few, Beaufighter Blitz, Typhoon Ace and Fighter Fury. It is always a pleasure to have a chance to work on a complete series from start to finish.


To consistently style multiple novels by the same author, all members of the production team rely heavily on our software Atomik eStylist. The assisted styling software ensures that formatting of the text reflects the genre and allows coherence across each book. Similarly, Easypress uses its platform Atomik ePublisher not only as a centralrepository for project files, but also to create proof and print-ready pdfs. Byensuing all novels are stored on Atomik ePublisher, multiple members of theproduction team can work on a single project at the same time.


All at Easypress look forward to working alongside LUME Books on many more of theirfantastic titles in the future!


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