The Picture House Murders

Fiona Veitch Smith

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Fiona Veitch Smith
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The year is 1929 and Miss Clara Vale is attending Oxford. Determined to finish her chemistry studies and become a scientist, she is not like most women of the time. However when her career doesn't pan out as she had hoped, as it often didn't for women in the 1920's, Clara finds herself stuck working behind a library front desk. Until one day she learns that a relative has passed away, leaving Clara his detective agency and laboratory in his will. Could this be the beginning of a new adventure for Clara? Surely detective work is no occupation for a lady... or is it? Her mind is eventually made up for her when one of the agencies previous clients comes to her with an exciting mystery to solve.

The first in a brand-new, glittering Golden Age cozy mystery series. Fans of Verity Bright, Helena Dixon and TE Kinsey will be hooked from the very first page to the final breathtaking finale.

The production team at Easypress thoroughly enjoyed working all three titles in the series, especially The Picture House Murders. From creating the first proof to the final print-ready pdf, using our assisted styling software Atomik eStylist was key to ensuring that the styling was consistent throughout the book and for future books in the series. Easypress’ platform Atomik ePublisher allowed multiple members of our production team to work on the title simultaneously. Atomik ePublisher was also an essential tool in the creation of all versions of the pdf and eBook.

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