Paradise Undone: A Novel of Jonestown

Annie Dawid

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Annie Dawid
Inkspot Publishing



Paradise Undone: A Novel of Jonestown is a part real, part imagined retelling of the tragic events that led to the USA's biggest single loss of civilian life in the twentieth century.

Annie Dawid's novel was published in November 2023 on the 45th anniversary of the Jonestown massacre.

"Annie Dawid's historical fiction of the tragedy that took place in Jonestown, Guyana 45 years ago, is a sensitive account of 4 people whose lives were impacted by Jim Jones and his cult, the People's Temple. The character development is excellent and the message, sadly, continues to be applicable today" – Five-star Amazon review

Annie Dawid, a published author of five books encompassing fiction, non-fiction and poetry, teaches creative writing online at the University of Denver, Colorado. Her interest in the Jonestown massacre began in March 2004, during her time as a teacher in residence at the University of North Dakota Writers Conference, where she met a friend of a Jonestown survivor. For more information on Annie Dawid and her other books, visit her website.

This encounter inspired years of research, culminating in Annie’s latest novel, Paradise Undone. Along the way, she had the privilege of meeting the survivors who now manage the Jonestown Institute Archives. Together with their insights and the contributions of many others, Dawid hopes to shed light on the lives of the 900+ Peoples Temple members who tragically lost their lives in the jungle.

Annie Dawid’s 6th book was published by Inkspot Publishing, who Easypress have had the privilege of working with since August 2023. Set up by Catherine Evans and Jurcell Virginia to celebrate original voices, their list also includes All Grown Up by Cathy Evans and Fireweed by Richard Vaughan Davies. To find out more about this exciting new imprint, visit the Inkspot website.

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