When Jesus Met Hippies

Andrew Whitman

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Andrew Whitman
Malcom Down Publishing



Many books have been written on the Jesus People Movement in the US, but what about its impact and prevalence withing the UK?

How did this new branch of Christianity encourage its growing number of followers to radically live out their faith by evangelise the youth of the UK in the 1960's and 70's?

How did Jesus People Movement inspire a new revival of faith in chaotic cultural era?

When Jesus met Hippies tells the story of how this movement of Christians found foothold in the UK. Through reshaping the lives of individuals with its mission, the Jesus People Movement was widely embraced during the 1970’s. Weaving follows and groups from across the Atlantic, When Jesus met Hippies retells the successes and failures of the movement.

Author of When Jesus Met Hippies, Andrew Whitman, was born in 1953. Drawn to a Christian rock musical in 1973, he found faith for himself. After a transformative encounter with Jesus, Whitman immersed himself in the Bible and fellowship. His journey led to involvement in Campus Crusade for Christ, forming a Christian rock band, and ultimately, lifelong ministry. "When Jesus Met Hippies" was published in 2023 by Malcolm Down Publishing – an independent publisher of various genres including mainly, but not exclusively, from authors who have a Christian background.

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