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Richard Vaughan Davies
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In war-ravaged Hamburg, 1946, Adam, a young British military lawyer, is sent to assist in the prosecution of Nazi war criminals. Amidst the desolation, he meets the beautiful Rose, an aristocratic German woman forced into prostitution to survive. Adam becomes increasingly obsessed with her, despite Germany’s strict anti-fraternisation rules.  

Henryk van Reen, responsible for the deaths of hundreds and destined for execution, escapes while in Adam’s custody. Adam must find van Reen at any cost. Even if it means using the woman he loves as bait.

Fans of historical fiction and romance will love Fireweed – at once a thrilling adventure and an examination of individual culpability in the face of historical disaster.

This book took over my weekend - I couldn't put it down, engrossed by the deft handling of its difficult and complex themes. I loved the ambitious but easy to follow structure, the characterisation and the thoughtful reflections on the impact of two world wars on society across Europe - Amazon review

An absorbing story with sensitive and credible descriptions of life and love in post war Hamburg where the survivors are trying to eke out a living among the ruins of the City. I enjoyed the writer’s sensitive and imaginative parallel of the resurgence of wild flowers and weeds amongst the rubble, symbolising the locals’ struggle to recover and survive the horror - Amazon review

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