The Saturday Place

Alice Peterson

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Alice Peterson
Bedford Square Publishers



Holly has been lost and lonely since her husband died. Mourning has been a long and painful process for her. How can she even begin to pick herself up from such a tragedy? She needs to find a way to move forward, and quickly. In an attempt at rebuilding her life, she interviews for a voluntary cookery position at a local café.

Angus has made mistakes, and more than just a few. He no longer has the respect of his family or friends and is unsure of where his life is heading. If it wasn’t for his brother managing a local café, he would undoubtedly be homeless. Angus is just about ready to give up on himself when he meets Holly and somehow begins to feel more optimistic.

Lauren is trying to make a new life for herself. After ending up in London with her few belongings, she is scared. With no family or friends to support her, how can she escape the cycle of homelessness and start living a life she can be proud of?

"Uplifting, heartwarming and mouth-watering, The Saturday Place is the kind of book we all need now. A tale of friendship and food, it's bursting with optimism and love. Charming" – Veronica Henry, author of The Secret Beach

"A tender, warm and thoughtful novel about friendship, community and learning to love again. In this full-hearted and uplifting read, Alice Peterson has crafted a cast of characters you'll root for, and a story to be savoured" – Holly Miller, author of The Sight of You

Alice Peterson has currently published two non-fiction books and ten novels – including the critically-acclaimed, A Song for Tomorrow, and the No. 1 Kindle bestselling title, Monday to Friday Man. She enjoys writing funny, romantic, powerful and emotional novels that include hard-hitting and thought-provoking themes. She bases on writing on her own professional tennis career that was sadly cut short at the age of 18 following her diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

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We thoroughly look forward to working with Bedford Square Publishers in the future, particularly on any new novels by Alice Perterson!

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