To Be a Pilgrim

Joyce Cary

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Joyce Cary
Lume Books



"A marvellous book, alternately funny, wise, depressing and uplifting." - Goodreads

Joyce Cary is a classical author from the early 20th Century. Born in Derry, Northern Ireland Joyce published over 20 novels with To Be a Pilgrim being published in 1942. A contemporary of George Orwell, Joyce's work drew some critical acclaim but had mixed commercial success. Dogged by ill health in his later years his work leave a legacy of dark tales during dramatic changes in the period surrounding the Second World War.

To Be a Pilgrim follows the character of Tom Wilcher, an elderly man who looks back over his life as he approaches death. To Be a Pilgrim is the second volume of Cary’s First Trilogy, which begins with Herself Surprised – a book that we at Easypress have also had the pleasure of typesetting for Lume Books.

As a new intern with Easypress, I have experienced how our software can facilitate the typesetting process. AtomikeStylist (AeS), our software styling platform, was designed to improve the productivity of editorial teams, and it certainly worked for me. It is great at shortening the time it takes to style a manuscript.  AeS is also quite easy to learn how to use – perfect if you are new to it! Typesetting To Be a Pilgrim was an interesting experience, and I appreciated the opportunity to use some of our different software on a live manuscript. I got to reach out to our client, Lume Books, for the first time since starting with Easypress – a client who I look forward to continue working with, over my internship.